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Hello everybody. My hob failed to post or reply messages some time ago and I just didn't bother to find out why. But now I am back, or at least up online again. Let's find out if this works.
Cool, an upgrade was what I needed :)
Let's see,
I have broken out from the social media addiction and now there is a threshold to get back in there. I have learned to do other stuff with my computer instead and my built in compass doesn't guide me to social stuff al the time. I think that actually is good.

Meanwhile I live in Hörby (Sweden) where the social democrat part (SD, founded by former nazzi persons) have the majority and I sometimes need to shout out loud and get some human friendly emotions back.
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My first published debate article ever. Swedish article where I mention the need for a broad buy-in of green changes that will need to be done to save the environment, and the lack of organized research there of.

Erik RErik R wrote the following article Sat, 27 Oct 2018 08:27:46 +0200
Små miljöinsatser ger mereffekter

Vi vet mycket om klimatförändringen och lär oss mer var dag. Nu är det hög tid att också börja jobba systematiskt kring förändringsarbetet; hur man skapar acceptans för det som behöver göras trots att det kan påverka vår vardag. Här kommer våra vardagliga insatser in, de som kanske inte betyder så mycket på det stora hela men skapar ett medvetande och acceptans.
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MS Office is ubelevable

This must be a joke. I have struggled a long time and with every individual frame in powerpoint to make it spell check in Swedish. Every time it is a struggle.

Now when I write an English presentation it selects to spell in Swedish instead of English. This just must be a joke. It decides to spell in the language I am NOT using. Someone at microsoft is laughing at me right now.
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Time For Some Climate Honesty
Time For Some Climate Honesty


Let’s assume that you had doubts about global warming.  Some people do and, truthfully, we utterly lack the ability to accurately model how much warming will happen, where and by when.  Emphasis on accurately.  The reason is not for lack of trying or continual learning and model refinement, but centers on the complexity of the task.

Even seemingly simple systems that are actually complex are impossible to predictively model.  An example is a pile of sand growing grain by grain that will finally slump at some unpredictable time and in an unpredictable way.  You would think that such a simple system could be accurately modeled, but that’s not the case.  Exactly when the pile will finally slump is unpredictable.  Exactly how large the resulting slump will be is also unpredictable.  The “when” and the “how much” are unknowable (using current modeling techniques).

All that can be calculated for certain is that a higher pile with steeper sides/areas (a.k.a. “fingers of instability”) is more likely to slump sooner and more catastrophically.

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Royal Reuse

Breaking news!

The Swedish Royal Princess have done it. Gossip media have discovered that she have reuse a dress from an earlier occasion - she has used the same dress twice.

This was a headline in Swedish press.


I have used the same skirt, washed regularly off course, for several years. It never made it to the headlines. I am fine with that anyway :)

The blog post from the founder of the Swedish Green Party, in Swedish;
Sensation, sensation, sensation!


Blogg om politik, miljö, ekonomi och kultur
Å nei å nei... ;)
How I intend to deal with GDPR on my hub Askrö

!Hubzilla Support Forum

One of the fundamental roles in GDPR is the Controller, the one that is responsible. One might think that this is the fellow that actually works with the information but that is not the case. The controller and the responsibility comes with the mandate to decide the purpose and means of the processing of personal data (Article 4, point 7). The controller is the the legal responsible throughout the rest of GDPR. The fellow that works with the information just have to oblige to what the Controller have decided.

My node is small, we are about 5 users and we started the node just a few month ago. The usage beside my own is slim to none.

I have decided that I will not alone take the responsibility of the Controller. Instead I have invited all users to take the responsibility of the Controller in a shared and democratic manner. We will jointly decide how the information of the node is used and I (the technical admin) will then oblige to this. The result is that the Controller and responsible is the user collective altogether.

If this works out we will see, perhaps I will be the sole user on the node and I will have my democratic discussion with my self.

Also, it is not like there is much to decide, just that the information shall not be sold and not be used for marketing.
BTW Jan, GDPR applies to all processing of personal information with a few exceptions in relation to private stuff and stuff clearly related to the hose hold. Forgot the exact article but is one of the first.
I am member of a cooperative hoster in Germany and we currently plan to setup a social media instance. In our case the situation is quite clear as we have a cooperative as legal entity. At the same time the cooperative is governed in a democratic way. So this will work somehow.

If it is feasible to setup a bigger instance without a legal entity I cannot say. Shared responsibility in a commons way – I am not sure how the GDPR covers this.
Well, as I mentioned; the Controller is responsible for most everything unless someone breaks the rules given by the Controller. The definition of the Controller is the person/entity/board that decides the purpose and means to process personal information. The one that decides. If a employee decided to go out of boundaries he/she becomes an Controller as he/she decides about own processing. I think it makes sense.

If the entire community on a hub helps out deciding the means and purpose we are all responsible Controllers. It is just about finding a proper way to ensure that we all actually take part of the decision process.

This is most certainly not the intention of GDPR :)
Facebook deletion process ongoing...

Then I have started the process of deleting my Facebook-account.

First there is a two weeks notice where I am not allowed to login to facebook. Then it will take up to 90 days to delete stuff.

I downloaded the information they have about me and it included everything you might imagin and some more. I now have information on what they consider me to be interest in so they can target commercials. 35MB was it, will be interesting to examine.

Let's see if I will revert the process or not, one never knows.
Distributed Troll-blockers

!Hubzilla Support Forum

Hi there, we now meet Simon the Troll and we now have to deal with blocking a user. I recall there are ways to block a user from my hub but I realize that we all need to discover Simon and block 'em separately on each hub.

So, here is my thought; is there a need for a distributed blocking mechanism or at least a kind of warning mechanism. Before we even reach world domination we will eventually stumble on our first threatened user, the first sexual abuse, the first fraud and in this case there is not a single point to contact, each and every one of us must both discover the problem and block it. Thinking of it many face-book frauds would work here too (like pretending being a friend on vacation with a stolen wallet and passport) but I am not as highly specialized on Hubzilla as the techs are on face-book.

I realize this need to be scrutinized and done with delicate care, we would like to distribute an indication of a troll but not start a bad reputation because of an misunderstanding.

Perhaps we need to do some strategic and philosophical thinking here?

@Michael MD said "my comment was about the worry about much more serious and very real network-wide threats like automated spam or organised trolling
(by "organised" I mean someone hiring lots of people to do some kind of deliberate trolling - a nasty kind of threat that has been seen in places like facebook in recent years)

A while ago I had an elgg server which became totally inoperative because of these trolls who filled the blog without substance and added links that went to their interests. I could not cope to erase their intrusions.
If these people learn how to fill our streams with garbage, then we're screwed.

The second problem the only solution I see is educating. Unfortunately the lynchings exist and I am pessimistic that they disappear, we can try to mitigate them.

Sorry, I'm sorry I did not understand the problem and stay on the surface.
As long as you choose a privacy role besides 'social -federation', everything you see in your stream is the result of you personally allowing it. You can also personally disallow it. If you choose 'social-federation', you give up this control and your privacy.  Unfortunately this is the choice that every other decentralised communication software provider has made. And nobody questions this because they find it convenient to 'follow tags' and comment on posts of people you've never met. With this convenience comes the ability to spam the entire federation/fediverse.

The entire reason (and I've said this before) for the rise of the 'social network' in computer history is because of email spam. People needed a safe place to communicate only with friends and without all the advertising noise. Now, Facebook and other "social networks" are one of the largest sources of advertising noise and unsolicited/undesired communications. Email has been given to the wolves - nobody is seriously fighting email spam any more.

If you don't learn from history you are doomed to repeat it.

If you want to keep your exposure to spam at a minimum, turn off or disable the public stream and set your privacy role to something besides 'social-federation'.  Then the only way you are going to see unwanted stuff is "friends of friends" and public forums. Public forums can remove members and even disable automatic joining (this is new), but in an extreme case you may be forced to disconnect from or block the forum. You can still communicate with your immediate friends, and the site admin doesn't need to become a 'nanny' or 'censor' for their members. You're in control of your own stream. This is really the only solution which can ever actually work. If you allow unfiltered and unrestricted communications from anybody in the world, ultimately that's exactly what you're going to get.
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We are looking into Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the public sector, and if we are, so are spammers. RPA lowers the bar for becoming an advanced spammer, i.e. more will appear as long as there is a profit. Put simply, RPA is the modern form of the Windows 3.1 Macro Recorder utility, you record a script of user actions, then replay it like a robot to automate boring tasks a human would do, and today this includes combining / stringing together normal GUI and browser automation, OCR and image recognition, as well as working with APIs across networks. RPAs are available as commercial platforms - proprietary and FLOSS - or at no cost on Github, with support for general purpose programming languages like Python for their automation scripts to leverage a vast number of Python libraries like sentiment analysis. All this means sofisticated automated spamming of your social stream from a botnet of fake accounts is a script kiddie away, and the only way to stop it from infecting you is by using a digital prophylactic like Mike suggests to be safe.
!Hubzilla Support Forum

I have reported some issues regarding IDN (e.g. Sweidish domain names like this one; askerö Three of them are in state "retest please". I can do this but do I need to make an aditional installation with the dev-branch to do this or are the part of the release? Wat is implied in the retest please lable that I need to be aware of?

An example is issue #1016
I believe all of the IDN domain fixes are now in 3.4. There have been one or two minor changes to IDN usernames (a related but independent feature) which may have been a bit late to catch the 3.4 train. So whenever you're ready to upgrade.
Missing posts in the thread

!Hubzilla Support Forum

following the latest discussions on the support forum (e.g. "integration with WP / Joomla Site") there seems to be some posts missing in my thread, There is a reference by "Falgn0n The Wizard" that is not visible in my thread. Also there is another thread started by mrjive about "writing on behalf of" where there is a question and a thank for the answer.

As I can't see, is those because of someones privacy settings or is there a problem?

I am reading this on the channels secondary node.

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I have the same problem too from time to time
It's just the lag that can occur sometimes due to the comments propagating through the network. Everyone has different hubs with different capabilities and latencies. Sometimes a comment might take more than a day to propagate to all the followers if stars are really misaligned. You can always go to the channel page to see the full conversation (you know, like you'd have to do for a normal website).
On my wall the named discussion is complete with 11 comments as if now. Sometimes, when a server is overloaded, some messages can be delivered with a delay...
Some songs that has been important part of my musical bases and my synth pop. Right after the period of Iron Maiden and hevy metal I jumped right into Italo Disco and it just blow me away.

Starting of with Pet Shop Boys right before the really cool bridge :)

Paninaro (Italian Remix) - Pet Shop Boys | 80s Dance Music | 80s Club Mixes | 80s Club Music
by 80smusicremixes on YouTube
Follow up with this cool song. I never had it my self but a friend of mine had the 12"
It has a really nice intro and in general got me.

Martinelli - Revolution
by thomas bainas on YouTube
Further on with Italo Boot Mix vol 1, that the very same friend had. This is back in the age when this was fresh out from the vinyl press.

Italo Boot Mix Vol.1 (1983) Side A Italo-Disco
by Mix80DJ on YouTube
This first Italo Boot Mix was the only one where the boot mix and the best of records was totally different music. I have the best of album though, nice stuff as well but not like this :)
After two days of rebuilding my funtoo-box using emerge emtpy tree it failed at about 70% and resumed didn’t resume. Either I start all over or start scripting. So, scripting it is 😃
Upgrading to #funtoo 1.2, the first major upgrade since the release of kits.
I will most likely take the opportunity to rebuild the entire system as an ealier upgrade of lvvm seems to cause som "distrubance in the force" (things are strange but not clearly broken). In fact I am going to bootstrap the system as GCC is updated from 5.4 to 6.5. Might as well take the effort :)

Or as #kraftwerk almost say; "it's more fun to compile" :)

1.2 Funtoo Linux Release
Hi All,

The Funtoo Linux 1.2 release is now available for use. Many of us are now running Funtoo Linux 1.2. Here's how to upgrade your system to Funto...
!hubzilla forum advertisements

Welcome to the new group "The Sad Story of Humans"

In this group we reflect and discuss about the sad things humans do in our society.

It is not a hate-group. It is about understanding and documenting human society, perhaps there is another view of it?

Do anyone else see a pattern?

Lets reflect on the Hungarian election. First they blame the foreigners to get the power, then just a few weeks after the election they start to deal with the ones thinking different. They replace the head of the opera house to secure political influences and start making new intrusive laws. Taking a step back you see a pattern.
It is ironic that a few Swedish extremists emigrated to Hungary as Hungary will disallow emigration. Well, I am not sad they are leaving.

In Hungary they are not very subtle which Trump actually is in some ways outside twitter. He just replaced the manager of NASA with a person not knowing anything about NASA but that is a climate change denier. He also forbid some governmental institutions to use certain words. Both poart of a subtle control over communication and one of the more crucial institution in the understanding of the climate change.
One place where Trump is less subtle is on Twitter, which is ingenious - anyone that ask reasonable questions is hit by a shit-storm of hate from all those that admire what Trump is doing along the lane to world destruction.

In Hungary they start hunting the opposition quite openly, like in Poland. Laws are created to hunt down the opposition and control the media. One would think they learned something in the WW2, at least those countries that was really bad treated at the time. I realize this happens the same time as the last survivors from the holocaust dies by old age and we move the WW2 into the unquestionable history. It would be interesting to know how the description will differ over the next 200 years.

@The Sad Storry of Humans+
I recently moved from KDE to Cinnamon, both using Funtoo and the same configuration. Cinnamon seems to take a lot more memory altogether and I now have to upgrade from 16 to 32 GB RAM to be able to run 2 users (my private and company users). Memory used with the same programs as in KDE consumes around 13GB and once in a while some program dies due to out of memory. With two loged in users the Cinnamon process consumes 1.2 GB RAM by itself.

The main differens between KDE and Cinnamon is how LibreOffice works. It is clumsy and slow in KDE built for KDE and noticeably faster built for GTK in an GTK environment. I am in general quite found of KDE themes but Adwita is the theme for LibreOffice and Inkscape - makes much more sense.
I might even try Funtoo again if I ever have more time to fiddle with my machine - and machines that compile world in less than a week ;) Right now I'm perfectly fine with Slackware's 2-3 year release cycle.
I think it is a beauty that we both can have it our own way even though it differs. That is the spirit of #linux :)
So I got aditional memory (and two M.2 SSDs to run in BTRFS RAID) and now I have 32 GB RAM.
And yet the freaking Cinnamon consumed all the memmory and put the computer down.

I had two loged in users with libreoffice and firefox started. I also had a third instance of Firefox started via sudo (I keep the social stuff in a separate user without access to my real stuff). TO be honest, there was a great amount of tabs started in the social browser and it does not have Java Script Blocker.
I also had a virtualbox with 4GB dedicated RAM started.

In general this is peanuts, yet the bugger consumed all 32 GB and died for me. And no, there is no swap - with that amout of memmory in a desktop it shall not be needed.

I am now back in KDE and this time @Beni Grind I am using Artix Linux that in fact is a packaged linux :)

Right now I have everything excpet for the virtualbox and the huge amount of tabs inm the social browser, consumes 8 GB in KDE.

Microsoft not only Spy on you, they prepare to judge your behaviour and ban offensive users

Interesting news for the well spread operating system you might hear of; Windows 10.

Microsoft have decided to take a go an start enable censure-on-demand. If you use offensive language during a usage of xbox or other Microsoft services (i.e. you get pissed of by some reason) Microsoft might investigate (implies they have information from the actual meeting stored). I can imagine that having the voice recognition enabled while manage to hit you self with a hammer might result in (well motivated in my eyeys) offensive language. In my case I are the most angry when I need to deal with (tam-tam-tam-tam) Microsoft Windows 10. My wife have given me constraints and banned me from window 10 - I am not allowed to use windows 10. It is OK as we are both happy linux users :)

Microsoft allows them self to disable services if user does not behave. I figure this would benefit me and the family-life (windows disables itself) for me but lets take a step back.

Microsoft have fought to get some kind of monopoly on operating systems on modern computers. It is actually difficult to buy a computer without window 10 today (unless one chooses Apple). In other words, I am not able to buy a computer without accepting Microsoft values which differs a lot from mine. This is actually quite serious but not unique. We also see how Microsoft have procured a lot of services like Skype and LinkedIn and mist likely applies similar terms on them.

I am not in favour to be rude, in fact I used to be a great fan of TinyTinyRSS but abandoned the software due to the conscious cruel and hateful tone on the forums. If a question was asked the person asking was mocked and the author mostly commented that he was to busy helping idiots that failed to understand his brilliant software. I have abandoned a few linuxes as the most active forum members are quite rude to newbies and if they don't want newbies why shall I bother - there is always another distro. I am now a happy Funtoo user and very pleased with the linux as well as the community.

Thing is that I make my own rules, draw my own lines and I think we all should. If the community/group/social context is to offensive for our taste we make a stand or leave. There are new groups/contexts to join. It should be my choice what to do and when it need to be done.
In the matter of operating systems there is the monopoly problem - most users don't see how they have a choice. Most users don't see the mostly amazing colourful fields in the open source community. Mostly one gets help and mostly one is appreciated because I actually enjoy something someone else developed. By using someone else's software I also acknowledge the effort put into that software.

When I took my first step into the reality after school I meet SUN OS 4 and felt in love. I abandoned Windows 3.1 and had no computer at home. I got a computer some yars later wwith windows XP but moved to Linux (kubuntu) when Windows XP got the "Genuine Advantage" and fake licenses stoped work. Wikipedia confirms that it was 2005 and I recall using a 5.4 Kubuntu. I moved to Gentoo soon there after and Funtoo a few years ago. I really think that I have the ability to make things work my way in Funtoo.

Even though I intend to stay in Linux for quite a while more, both for my private and my business computers, I am now more sure than ever that Microsoft is not my future when ever I have my own say.


@Digital Omställning - Nätet FÖR mig och MED mig+

Microsoft May Ban Users For Offensive Language Starting In May


Civil rights advocate Jonathan Corbett did us a favor and did something that most of us never do. He decided to read an updated Terms of Service agreement from Microsoft that he was sent via email and discovered some interesting changes.
In the US, where some states have made marijuana legal, the businesses in that market have similar problems in finding a bank who will do business with them.
I figure bitcoin really is a blessing for some businesses.
I'm sure it was, for customer transactions, until the skyrocketing price made transactions so expensive. It was probably less useful for paying the rent, utility bills, or taxes. I've read stories about tax agencies having to cope with having businesses showing up to pay sales tax in cash.
!Hubzilla Support Forum

Sorry but I just cant find the settings to allow connection to an RSS feed. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?
I know I have done it once and I saw a description on this forum that I can't find any more :(

I recall something need to be enabled as admin (that's me) and I think that is the one I cant find.

Thanx in advance!
Admin: enable feeds as connections on admin/site

Member: Enter the URL of the page hosting the feed if it provides discovery and the URL to the feed if it does not. Feed discovery used to be universal. Now it is rare, so try the feed URL.

Both: Have a #homebrew
Strange, it does not work for me.

I have enabled feeds as connections.
I try to add the RSS feed foor bleeping computer. It is quite picky about the URL;

That URL works in Firefox (get 10 last news). If I try without the last / it won't work though. Neither works to add as feed source.

Any suggestions? Will Hubzilla clean out the trailing / by any reason and that is the problem?
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It seems like the URL:

works as well and that one worked as channel source. I think the trailing / is removed but have no proof. Don't know if that is a bug or feature though, it is reasonable that a site can manage both


// Erik
Swedish Rock 'N Roll King Jerry William recently passed away. I never really liked him but on the musical resume I actually like a quite a few pieces.

Here with a well live performed Working Class Hero. The vocal dynamics in the performance is super. I like when the vocal combines piano and crescendo like that.

Of the versiones Duck found I think this is the best. Including John's original.

Jerry Williams - Working Class Hero
by hclee on YouTube
The wall is a perfect analogy ;)
!Hubzilla Support Forum

I am preparing i channel to be used as a blog-ish thingie and for the public non-hubzilla world (instead of wordpress actually). I think it would be prudent to hide the connections unless logged in or connected.

Is there a way to do this? I can't find anything myself.

A word of caution: If you enable public comments, Wordpress spambots will see your site as a wordpress installation.  Don't be surprised if you log in to find a dozen ads for penis pills awaiting moderation.
Thaks for the advice, will check.
I used the Custom/Expert mode for a very long time, but you have to be a bit careful there because it is almost impossible to fully support all the permutations possible in that mode. For maximal support when cloning and migrating channel data and such, use one of the defined roles.