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Erik R

Do anyone else see a pattern?

Lets reflect on the Hungarian election. First they blame the foreigners to get the power, then just a few weeks after the election they start to deal with the ones thinking different. They replace the head of the opera house to secure political influences and start making new intrusive laws. Taking a step back you see a pattern.
It is ironic that a few Swedish extremists emigrated to Hungary as Hungary will disallow emigration. Well, I am not sad they are leaving.

In Hungary they are not very subtle which Trump actually is in some ways outside twitter. He just replaced the manager of NASA with a person not knowing anything about NASA but that is a climate change denier. He also forbid some governmental institutions to use certain words. Both poart of a subtle control over communication and one of the more crucial institution in the understanding of the climate change.
One place where Trump is less subtle is on Twitter, which is ingenious - anyone that ask reasonable questions is hit by a shit-storm of hate from all those that admire what Trump is doing along the lane to world destruction.

In Hungary they start hunting the opposition quite openly, like in Poland. Laws are created to hunt down the opposition and control the media. One would think they learned something in the WW2, at least those countries that was really bad treated at the time. I realize this happens the same time as the last survivors from the holocaust dies by old age and we move the WW2 into the unquestionable history. It would be interesting to know how the description will differ over the next 200 years.

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