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Microsoft not only Spy on you, they prepare to judge your behaviour and ban offensive users

Interesting news for the well spread operating system you might hear of; Windows 10.

Microsoft have decided to take a go an start enable censure-on-demand. If you use offensive language during a usage of xbox or other Microsoft services (i.e. you get pissed of by some reason) Microsoft might investigate (implies they have information from the actual meeting stored). I can imagine that having the voice recognition enabled while manage to hit you self with a hammer might result in (well motivated in my eyeys) offensive language. In my case I are the most angry when I need to deal with (tam-tam-tam-tam) Microsoft Windows 10. My wife have given me constraints and banned me from window 10 - I am not allowed to use windows 10. It is OK as we are both happy linux users :)

Microsoft allows them self to disable services if user does not behave. I figure this would benefit me and the family-life (windows disables itself) for me but lets take a step back.

Microsoft have fought to get some kind of monopoly on operating systems on modern computers. It is actually difficult to buy a computer without window 10 today (unless one chooses Apple). In other words, I am not able to buy a computer without accepting Microsoft values which differs a lot from mine. This is actually quite serious but not unique. We also see how Microsoft have procured a lot of services like Skype and LinkedIn and mist likely applies similar terms on them.

I am not in favour to be rude, in fact I used to be a great fan of TinyTinyRSS but abandoned the software due to the conscious cruel and hateful tone on the forums. If a question was asked the person asking was mocked and the author mostly commented that he was to busy helping idiots that failed to understand his brilliant software. I have abandoned a few linuxes as the most active forum members are quite rude to newbies and if they don't want newbies why shall I bother - there is always another distro. I am now a happy Funtoo user and very pleased with the linux as well as the community.

Thing is that I make my own rules, draw my own lines and I think we all should. If the community/group/social context is to offensive for our taste we make a stand or leave. There are new groups/contexts to join. It should be my choice what to do and when it need to be done.
In the matter of operating systems there is the monopoly problem - most users don't see how they have a choice. Most users don't see the mostly amazing colourful fields in the open source community. Mostly one gets help and mostly one is appreciated because I actually enjoy something someone else developed. By using someone else's software I also acknowledge the effort put into that software.

When I took my first step into the reality after school I meet SUN OS 4 and felt in love. I abandoned Windows 3.1 and had no computer at home. I got a computer some yars later wwith windows XP but moved to Linux (kubuntu) when Windows XP got the "Genuine Advantage" and fake licenses stoped work. Wikipedia confirms that it was 2005 and I recall using a 5.4 Kubuntu. I moved to Gentoo soon there after and Funtoo a few years ago. I really think that I have the ability to make things work my way in Funtoo.

Even though I intend to stay in Linux for quite a while more, both for my private and my business computers, I am now more sure than ever that Microsoft is not my future when ever I have my own say.


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