Some songs that has been important part of my musical bases and my synth pop. Right after the period of Iron Maiden and hevy metal I jumped right into Italo Disco and it just blow me away.

Starting of with Pet Shop Boys right before the really cool bridge :)

Paninaro (Italian Remix) - Pet Shop Boys | 80s Dance Music | 80s Club Mixes | 80s Club Music
by 80smusicremixes on YouTube
Follow up with this cool song. I never had it my self but a friend of mine had the 12"
It has a really nice intro and in general got me.

Martinelli - Revolution
by thomas bainas on YouTube
Further on with Italo Boot Mix vol 1, that the very same friend had. This is back in the age when this was fresh out from the vinyl press.

Italo Boot Mix Vol.1 (1983) Side A Italo-Disco
by Mix80DJ on YouTube
This first Italo Boot Mix was the only one where the boot mix and the best of records was totally different music. I have the best of album though, nice stuff as well but not like this :)