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I think one of the great advantages of Hubzilla is the possibility to create forum-like communities with some special topic. This is a good thing to spread the word. If you are interested in Hubzilla and anything else: create a community (like I did for our regular pub meetings). I do not need to tell people about Hubzilla in the first place, but I tell them "we also have an online community to coordinate our meetings" and if they are interested I will tell about Hubzilla; if they are happy joining the community and don't care about the technical details I don't have to bother them with it.

You could create communities like that for any kind of group, scene, community, party, ... This will help bring people and "life" into Hubzilla. We do not need to talk about Hubzilla and funny cat gifs all the time ;)

With clones and nomadic identities someday someone will tell you "I like the idea of your book collector forum... is it in Hubzilla? I have an account in my old timer car community, maybe I will just clone it to your server."

That would be great!
I also think that regional communities are a great idea.

A topic related to a certain city or region makes it far easier to meet people who might be interested in your forum and are not on Hubzilla, yet, and tell them about your community ;)
That is what we are trying to fire off from this hub, Askeröd is a small community in southern of Sweden with an engaged local group with focus of the time that has been (when there was a railway station) and the time that is to come (ability to live and work).

We are not many users yet and only few of them are active but we are know and there is invites sent to around 20 persons.
there is invites sent to around 20 persons

That is exactly what I mean with the advantage of regional topics -- you can invite persons far easier, when you know them or are able to meet them somewhere ;)