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Sorry but I just cant find the settings to allow connection to an RSS feed. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?
I know I have done it once and I saw a description on this forum that I can't find any more :(

I recall something need to be enabled as admin (that's me) and I think that is the one I cant find.

Thanx in advance!
Admin: enable feeds as connections on admin/site

Member: Enter the URL of the page hosting the feed if it provides discovery and the URL to the feed if it does not. Feed discovery used to be universal. Now it is rare, so try the feed URL.

Both: Have a #homebrew
Strange, it does not work for me.

I have enabled feeds as connections.
I try to add the RSS feed foor bleeping computer. It is quite picky about the URL;


That URL works in Firefox (get 10 last news). If I try without the last / it won't work though. Neither works to add as feed source.

Any suggestions? Will Hubzilla clean out the trailing / by any reason and that is the problem?
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It seems like the URL:

works as well and that one worked as channel source. I think the trailing / is removed but have no proof. Don't know if that is a bug or feature though, it is reasonable that a site can manage both




// Erik